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Dubai Travel Tips for Women

There are lots of activities for children, both in and around the five-star hotels, special amusement parks and many green areas. Children under 12 usually qualify for discounts on admission fees to most amusement parks, swimming pools and entertainment centers.

The UAE is a family-oriented environment and small children are welcome and appreciated everywhere. The larger hotels have a good selection of kids’ meals, especially in room service. Very small children do not normally eat out at night but are often welcome. Phone ahead to check. In any case, babysitting services are available in the main hotels.   women travel dubai  

Women Travellers

  • The UAE is extremely safe for women travellers, nevertheless, some travel tips for women are a novelty and you may find yourself at the focus of unwanted attention. You will probably have a more relaxed visit if you stay in one of the four or five-star hotels, especially if you can use the hotel’s private beach facilities.
  • Women in the UAE have a much more liberal lifestyle than many of their Gulf counterparts (i.e. women are permitted to drive, work etc) however, women travellers should be aware that they are visiting a society which has strong traditional roots.
  • If you wish to avoid hassle or risk causing offence, do not wear tight or revealing clothes away from the beach clubs and resorts. You will also find that clothing suitable for the more cosmopolitan cities may not be comfortable or convenient for independent travel in rural areas. Loose trousers and a long sleeved cotton shirt will suit a wide range of situations.
  • When socialising in local company wait until a hand is offered to you for a handshake, some devout Muslims prefer not to shake hands with a woman.
  • Remember that one advantage of being a woman in the UAE is that women are normally served first at banks and post offices, police stations and other government offices frequently have separate queues for women
  • If someone follows you in his car, take a picture of his licence plate or just get your mobile phone out (if it doesn’t have a camera, simply pretend it does).
  • Give a tip when you’re out to eat – 15% is normal costume.
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