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You’re probably here because you need to find quick and easy ways to detox your body as a result of the toxin intake last weekend.

Here in Dubai, the nightclubs offer unforgettable experiences which are mostly in large hotels.

They are restricted to large hotels as these have a liquor license. The DJs and venue along with the drink give you the perfect setting to relax and chill out until sunrise! But hey… what happens after sunrise?  Hangover!  Not a pleasant experience, isn’t it?

Read on to find out how you could help yourself without a tonne of effort.

    1.Extra pillows pillows This may not be a quick fix but it definitely makes a difference by ensuring a good blood circulation and pulls down the toxins from your body overnight. Position your body such that you sleep on your back. Sleeping on your side may not be the best position for you. This will also help reduce puffy eyes and any other inflammation on your face making you ready for office!
2. Yoga yoga It’s a matter of good blood circulation again which can be attained by deep breathing, thereby enhancing your complete system and fight bloating or gas. There are certain yoga postures that bring out all the excess gas and reduces bloating.It is a must try due to its effectiveness.
3. Detox Drinks: detox water   There are numerous detox drinks to choose from and also to confuse you at the same time! So here are the top ones to do in a jiffy if you’re running late for office.
  • Cup of warm lemon water: Just squeeze half a lemon in a glass of warm water.
  • Ginger Tea: Boil a cup of water with a small piece of freshly peeled ginger. Let it cool until slightly warm.
  • Apple cider vinegar: Mix a tablespoon of ACV in warm water. If you do not like the strong taste then mix it with any other drink to boost your energy.
  • Smoothies: If we had to pick out the most effective after-party smoothies it would be banana, avocados or boiled asparagus as these are high in potassium which helps your brain work better. It supplies more oxygen to your brain and reduces stress levels and milk soothes your stomach. If you are lactose intolerant then try using Soy Milk instead.
  • You could also try clubbing a couple of ingredients as per your taste.
  • If you have time for none of these … Just drink plenty of water all day long!

4. Chicken Soup: Chicken Soup Maybe if you have some time and are planning to stay indoors then you should make yourself a chicken soup as this Grandma’s tip works pretty well for a hangover. Take Care!   Details are subject to change and may not be accurate, please refer to our Terms & Conditions
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