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If you are a person who loves giving your brain some work to the extent that you see them steaming but at the end of the day you know it’s all fun then here’s an eye-popping list of crazy real life escape games to try in Dubai.

We’ll brief you about each room available at the different game venues in Dubai. But hey, we give you just enough info such that we DON’T SPOIL THE FUN !! So, Ready? Here we go … 1- Brain game braingame
  • LOCATION: Kanoo Group building, 3rd floor (302), next to ADCB Metro Station (Karama)
  • CHOOSE YOUR ROOM:                                    (  DIFFICULTY LEVEL )               ( NO. OF PERSONS )
Prison Madness                                                                           XXXXXX                                              2-4 A paranoid killer kidnapped you and locked you in the basement of his house, which he has turned into a prison cell. The psychopath killer entertains himself having his victims in the cells before he kills them. Time stops at the moment the killer sleeps heavily and you have exactly 60 minutes to escape before his alarm clock starts ringing.   The Museum                                                                              XXXXXX                                              2-6 You are in one of the most historic and richest museums in the world. Rumours have that in the department of Ancient Greek Civilisation there is the only thing that is proven to be owned by Alexander the Great, his crown. The camera surveillance system (CCTV) will go off today for maintenance. You are a group of thieves and you have 60 minutes to steal the crown before the alarm starts ringing and become the richest people in the world!   Around the world in 60 Days                                                 XXXXXX                                             2-6 Time stops at 1873 when Jules Verne created the novel “Around the World in 80 Days”. The room you are about to enter is the house of the hero of the book, Phileas Fogg. You have to gather and place in his suitcase everything our hero needs and escape the room so that he begins his journey. In 60 minutes from now, the train leaves and Phileas must make it to the train.   Orient Express                                                                           XXXXXX                                              2-5 You find yourselves at 1934 when Orient Express begins its journey from Paris heading to Istanbul. During the trip, Mr Samuel Edward Ratchette is murdered. You are part of a group, which is directly involved in the crime. FOR THE VERY FIRST TIME in escape rooms’ history, the murderer lies between the players.  
2- Hint hunt HintHunt-Dubai
  • LOCATION: Times Square Center, first floor, shop F13, Sheikh Zayed Road Dubai
  • CHOOSE YOUR ROOM:                               ( DIFFICULTY LEVEL )               ( NO. OF PERSONS )
Not giving away any info about the rooms is probably the best way to present them!   JM’s Office                                                                               XXXXXX                                                3-5 Zen Rooms                                                                               XXXXXX                                                3-5 Submarines                                                                              XXXXXX                                                3-5  
3.Challenge chambers challenge chamb
  • LOCATION:  Shop F-16 (First Floor), Sunset Mall, Jumeirah Beach Road, Dubai
  • CHOOSE YOUR ROOM:                               (  DIFFICULTY LEVEL )                     ( NO. OF PERSONS )
  ESCAPE CHALLENGE (OR) 13TH VICTIM                    XXXXXX                                                2-5 Escape Challenge: You work for an elite secret service organisation. You were on a mission but got kidnapped. You have been thrown into a room and have 60 minutes to escape and save your life. The 13th Victim: You have been kidnapped by a serial killer. You have been given a chance to escape within 60 minutes. Failure to do so will result in death. Can you save your lives and escape before time runs out!!!!!   CSI & THE MYSTERY CHALLENGE ESCAPE GAME   XXXXXX                                               2-5 CSI: A woman was killed in her office. CSI department has received intel that another murder is going to happen within one hour and it might be linked to this murder. You have one hour to solve this murder and save an innocent life! Mystery Challenge: Amna Ziad, a successful Investment Banker was found dead in her office. Police investigation revealed a suicide note on his desk thus Amna’s death was ruled as a Suicide. Amna was your sister. You knew Amna very well and cannot imagine that she could commit suicide. Now it is up to you to unravel the Truth! You have ONE HOUR as the Police Alarm will trigger as soon as you enter the office!   THE TRICKSTER ESCAPE GAME                                       XXXXXX                                                2-5 One of the World’s most mysterious and mind-boggling Magician known as ”The Trickster” is looking to hire an apprentice.The standards are very high and only the best of the best can make it. You are an aspiring Illusionist. Your dream is to meet The Trickster. Becoming the apprentice would be beyond your wildest imagination! But – it is not as easy feast. Your challenge? One hour to figure your way out of The Trickster’s Lair. Accomplishing this would mean the greatest award of all – The Apprenticeship.   TRAPPED ESCAPE GAME                                                     XXXXXX                                                2-5 This mini challenge is a trailer of what the real Challenge Chambers experience has to offer. You have been trapped in a room and have been challenged to solve the puzzles and escape in 30 Minutes. There are three difficulty levels, Medium, Hard and Insane. Are you up for the challenges!   BOOK: AGE LIMIT: 10+ TIME LIMIT: 60 minutes for all except TRAPPED -30mins PRICE: AED 100
4.Escape quest escapequest_base
  • LOCATION:  2004 (20th Floor) HDS Business Centre, Cluster M, Jumeirah Lakes Towers
  • CHOOSE YOUR ROOM:                            ( DIFFICULTY LEVEL )               ( NO. OF PERSONS )
  The Explorers Library                                                         XXXXXX                                                2-5 The intrepid explorer was a collector of all things weird and wonderful and he had a particular fascination with Africa. He was rather fastidious and locked away his favourite things, he also liked to keep his comings and goings away from curious eyes.   The Explorers Library (Room 2)                                       XXXXXX                                                2-5 The intrepid explorer was a collector of all things weird and wonderful and he had a particular fascination with Africa. He was rather fastidious and locked away his favourite things, he also liked to keep his comings and goings away from curious eyes.   The Lab of Dr Zol (Room 3)                                             XXXXXX                                                2-5 The secret hideout and laboratory of the mysterious Romanian geneticist and biologist Dr Zol Pasted. In his late years, he focused his experiments on some kind of blood elixir. The formula is gone and so is the doctor, some say that the secret blood serum is still hidden inside the lab somewhere. Can you find it and escape before the police arrive?   BOOK: AGE LIMIT: 16+. Under 16 should be accompanied by adult TIME LIMIT: 60 mins PRICE: AED 120-140 depending on group size
5.Brainscape  brainscape-dubai
  • LOCATION: 203, Building 12, Bay Square, Business Bay, Burj Khalifa District, Dubai
  • CHOOSE YOUR ROOM:                   (  DIFFICULTY LEVEL )               ( NO. OF PERSONS )
THE CLASSIC LOUNGE ROOM                            XXXXXX                                                2-5 Classic Lounge Room – You have been tricked by the members of a group called the ‘Monterians’ whose objective is to brainwash people into sacrificing their wealth and house in the name of ‘attainment of long youthful life’. But if unsuccessful in your escape, you won’t be kept alive to prevent spread of word. Now you must work your escape before they arrive or lose everything you have ever worked for or your LIVES!   THE DA VINCI ROOM                                            XXXXXX                                                2-5 The Da Vinci Room – Quite contrary to Classic Lounge Room – this escape room setting here is a beautiful old study with vintage typewriters to vintage artworks and much more than your eyes can see! Taking on the role of a thief, you are entrusted by the priests of the Holy Church to secretly sneak out the ‘Holy Grail’ from Professor John Albright. The Holy Grail, for which no stone has been left unturned by numerous seekers has seen many lives taken! The faith commended in you by the Holy Church must not be broken… cause if you fail to escape, it’s not only the faith which will be lost but also your life!!   HIJACK ROOM                                                        XXXXXX                                                2-5 This escape room has an Airport Lounge setting. Your task is simple! Prevent a plane hijack before it is too late! You have been called in as an anti-terrorist squad for your expertise in the field. Will you be able to unfold the wicked plan before the comrades reach? BOOK: AGE LIMIT: 8 or 10+ (no hard rule as long as accompanied by adult) TIME LIMIT: 60mins PRICE: AED 105  
6.Phobia Escape Games phobia games dubai
  • LOCATION:  JLT, X1 tower, shop S-07 – Dubai
  • CHOOSE YOUR ROOM:                 (  DIFFICULTY LEVEL )               ( NO. OF PERSONS )
  Museum                                                                      XXXXXX                                                2-5 Lets’s face it, we have all dreamt of throwing a museum heist at least once! Not for the money, though, but solely to keep a masterpiece to ourselves. Here is your shot! It’s a pitch black night: visitors gone, guards out for coffee and donuts, You have the gear and an accomplice- somebody on the inside. Now is the time to snatch the most valuable exhibit and vanish!   Sherlock                                                                      XXXXXX                                                2-5 Sherlock’s absence coincided with a string of vicious crimes. London police have once again proved incompetent, with Scotland Yard looking to pin all on an innocent man to be done with it. Hurry! The man will be lynched unless you discover the true killer’s identity and the crime scene.   Live                                                                              XXXXXX                                                2-5 So, the doors have been locked behind your back, and the adventure has begun. You are in a lair of a mad maniac, and now your life is his in arms. Only he decides whether you should live or not. Do not disappoint him! It will be a real team adventure with an atmosphere of a thriller with visual effects.   Vault                                                                           XXXXXX                                                2-5 Lucky to survive the nuclear war in an underground shelter – vaulter 13, you are the last of the human kind, dreaming of seeing sunlight once again.   BOOK: AGE LIMIT: No hard and fast rule .. Confirm before booking anyway. TIME LIMIT: 60 mins PRICE: AED 330 (for 2)
7.X Space xspace
  • LOCATION: Wafi Shopping Mall,  First Floor, Shop 589-590 (Next To Salam Department Store), Al Garhoud Road, Dubai,  U.A.E.
  • CHOOSE YOUR ROOM:               (  DIFFICULTY LEVEL )               ( NO. OF PERSONS )
A trip to Wonderland                                           XXXXXX                                                2-6 This room recreates the Alice in Wonderland experience full of music, grass, and other fantasy elements. Will you be able to solve the puzzles and get out of the Dreamland escape room?   Space Crisis                                                           XXXXXX                                                2-6 This room recreates a space ship stuck in space. Can you and your team escape the perils of space, navigate the clues, and solve the puzzles before time runs out and stop the crisis?   Dawn of Reborn                                                  XXXXXX                                                2-6 Ancient Egypt is the setting for this room. Will you be able to maze through this magnificent ancient culture with its mystique and step back into the realities of today?   BOOK: AGE LIMIT: 14+ TIME LIMIT: 60 mins PRICE: For 3 or less AED 360 , For 4 AED 460 , For 5 AED 550 , For 6 AED 630 – [SUN- WED] For 3 or less AED 420 , For 4 AED 540 , For 5 AED 650 , For 6 AED 750 – [THU-SAT]
8.Escape reality escape room
  • LOCATION: Indigo Sky, 1st Floor, Next to First Gulf Bank Metro Station, Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai
  • CHOOSE YOUR ROOM:             (  DIFFICULTY LEVEL )               ( NO. OF PERSONS )
  JUNGALA                                                             XXXXXX                                              2-5 You have discovered an old board game in your attic and once opened you are engulfed by a vortex and transported into an alternative realm. After only seeing a glimpse of the terrible world inside you are thrown back into reality. You have no choice but to complete the game or be trapped inside the other realm for eternity!   ENIGMISTA                                                         XXXXXX                                              2-5 There have been reports that there is a serial killer on the loose. Many people in the area have gone missing and no traces of their whereabouts have been discovered. Only one survivor has lived to tell the tale of what happened the killer’s lair. Rumour has it that he forces his prisoners to perform ghastly tests to see how far they can push themselves in order to escape. You have suddenly awoken to discover that you have been locked inside a room of complete darkness with no recollection of how you found yourselves in this situation. Your captor has devised a series of games to test how much strength you have in order to your own lives.   IRON KINGDOM                                              XXXXXX                                              2-5 Within the largest continent of the world, known as the Seven Kingdoms, there exist seven noble families. In the heart of this Kingdom lies the Iron Throne, the main source of conflict between everybody in the land. Whoever sits on the Iron Throne rules the entire continent, a position desired by many, a position in which people will go to extreme lengths to hold. News has quickly spread over the land suggesting that the new King is not the rightful heir to the throne. The discovery has caused an eruption throughout the Seven Kingdoms and a battle for the throne has broken out. You must find out who is the rightful heir to the throne. Who are you going to support? Which house are you going to fight for?   MACHINA                                                          XXXXXX                                              2-5 A team of high-tech scientists and programmers have assembled to perform groundbreaking experiments in developing the first instance of true artificial intelligence known to man. You have just been accepted onto the team of scientists and have arrived at their headquarters. After a few days, you realise that scientists are suddenly leaving and that these robots are showing scarily human-like emotions. You decide that you need to leave as quickly as possible as something peculiar is happening, but all of the doors have been locked trapping you and the rest of the team inside. Can you all escape before you reluctantly become a part of the experiment?   NOSFERATU                                                     XXXXXX                                              2-5 It is currently 1841, a time where the presence of Vampires has existed and been well documented for many centuries. You are in a small region of Romania, West Transylvania, investigating the untimely deaths of your close friends. Upon examining their bodies, all signs point to the presence of an infamous Vampire. You must use your skills to identify and find the most dangerous Vampire known to exist in the current world, Nosferatu. Will you become the prey or the predator?     FIBONACCI                                                       XXXXXX                                                2-5 You are a cryptologist assigned to work with a team of detectives to solve a gruesome murder in an art gallery. The corpse was discovered surrounded by mysterious symbols linking to the Fibonacci sequence. You have begun to unearth crucial information which has been kept a closely guarded secret for thousands of years. After discovering too much a ruthless group of dangerous individuals is following you, trying to catch you and keep you quiet. Preventing you from learning further truths, you have been trapped inside the room. You must use your expertise to solve the complex clues lying within or face the truth never being revealed.   ALCATRAZ                                                        XXXXXX                                                2-5 In 1934, Alcatraz transformed into a maximum high-security prison housing the most infamous and dangerous criminals. Situated in the chilly waters of San Francisco Bay, no prisoner has ever successfully escaped. Alcatraz has just reached its maximum capacity for the first time in history – because of you.   You are all masters of escaping and no prison has managed to contain you. As highly skilled individuals you have been plotting your escape plan and now the time has arrived. A diversion has been caused by other inmates and the warden has sprinted off to help, leaving you in your cells unguarded. This is your prime opportunity to make your escape attempt. Can you escape before he returns and catches you?   APOCALYPSE                                                   XXXXXX                                                2-5 A series of cannibalistic homicides has begun to occur in the city of Dreadwood. Police have failed int heir attempts to investigate and prevent these horrific crimes and had to turn to a team in their Special Forces department known as “Alpha Team”. They were commissioned to unearth the cause of this madness and restore public safety. However, the Alpha Team have disappeared with no traces of their whereabouts. A second team has been sent on a rescue mission to find them. You and your team are known as the “Goblins”. The last time Alpha Team gave the report, they mentioned something about an old factory and a bio‐weapon. You have to follow their tracks into this factory and uncover the truth!   BOOK: AGE LIMIT: Under 12 accompanied by an adult TIME LIMIT: 60 mins PRICE: AED 100-140
9.Hungarian games hungarian games dubai
  • LOCATION: Warehouse # 35, 8th Street Al Quoz beside Bookworm Warehouse
  • CHOOSE YOUR ROOM        (  DIFFICULTY LEVEL )               ( NO. OF PERSONS )
4th Element                                                     Not Known                              Diff Packages You are the world’s most famed and celebrated team of explorers, and now you’re after the grand prize of sea explorations… the lost city of Atlantis. However, even explorers as skilled and talented as you can make terrible mistakes. You lost your way at the sign of Aquarius and must use every trick that you’ve learned to find your way out again. Better hurry, though because the city is sinking underneath again, and you have one hour before you sink with it to the bottom of a merciless ocean!   STUDIO 113 ROOM ESCAPE                   Not Known                              Diff Packages There have always been strange rumours about your next door neighbour. But since you were never the sort to gossip, so you never paid attention to the rumours. However, one night you heard strange, distressed noises coming from next door. Of course, as a good neighbour, you were concerned about what might be happening, so you called your friends to help you break into the apartment while your neighbours were out. Your team discovered many disturbing things about your neighbour and his ‘peculiar’ habits. Now you’re trapped in a locked room, and your neighbour will return home in one hour. You must get out before he comes back!   CRIME SCENE                                              Not Known                              Diff Packages In this room, there was a crime and the police started investigating the crime scene, but could not figure out who the perpetrator was, and marked it as a cold case. So your team thought you could solve this because the crime scene looks very familiar but you can’t remember what happened and that is why you guys are very curious to find out the truth. You need to start the investigation from the beginning. Find evidence of the crime, and solve the crime scene mystery. Don’t let anything distract your attention because the police will be back in one hour and you need to escape before they arrive.   BOOK: AGE LIMIT: Mainly for corporate training TIME LIMIT: 60 mins PRICE: AED 180- 1000 per head  
10.Escape hunt experience escape hunt dubai    
  • LOCATION: The Galleria Mall, Al Wasl Rd, Next to Post Office, Jumeirah – Dubai
  • CHOOSE YOUR ROOM:         (  DIFFICULTY LEVEL )               ( NO. OF PERSONS )
  Trapped in an Ancient Tomb                     Not Known                                         Min.2 You and your friends are exploring an ancient tomb when the walls suddenly close behind you, leaving all of you stuck in the tomb! How did you get here? What has brought you here? More importantly, how can you escape before it’s too late?   The Bank Job                                                 Not Known                                         Min.2 You are world-renowned thieves who have hacked into the Bank of Dubai’s mainframe and temporarily disabled their surveillance system. Can you steal the famous Pink Star Diamond and escape the bank before the surveillance system reboots?   The Longest Con                                          Not Known                                         Min.2 You’re a band of thieves who had stolen a rare Golden Arabian Oryx years ago and stashed it in the Galleria Mall during its construction. Now is the perfect time to retrieve your treasure. Will you finally complete your epic con?   The Leather Apron                                      Not Known                                         Min.2 You are London detectives investigating the most dangerous and wanted serial killer in history. The suspect has just left what you believe is his secret den and you have only 1 hour to gather evidence before he returns. Or will you be his next victims?   BOOK: AGE LIMIT: No hard and fast rule. TIME LIMIT: 60 mins PRICE: AED 330 for 2   Details are subject to change and may not be accurate, please refer to our Terms & Conditions
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