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10 Do’s and Don’ts for Dubai in Ramadan

Ramadan is the holy month when Muslims fast from dawn to dusk and shower generosity. During this month Muslims increase their time of spirituality, devotion and worship. It’s also the perfect time to unwind with friends and families around iftars which typically is a feast that starts at sunset. The call for prayer at sunset marks the time when all the Muslims break their fasts.

If you are planning to visit Dubai on any date between 27 May ‘17 to 27 June ’17, you’ll find a lot more interesting things happening around the city which does not otherwise take place.

We’ve summed up a couple of points that you may want to know and remember while you enjoy your days here in Dubai …
  • It would be considered more offensive to behave bad or use hurtful speech by anybody in public or otherwise during this month.
no foul language
  • It is highly appreciated if non-Muslims are sensitive to the cultural restraints particularly if they are residing in a Muslim country.
  • Do not wear offensive clothes that are sheer, revealing or too tight in public places.It is best to dress conservatively.
dressing in ramadan
  • During this month the business schedule is changed by reducing the working hours, so visitors may have to keep their timings flexible.
  • Avoid public display of affection, which is frowned upon at any time of the year but even more in the month of Ramadan.
public display of affection in not allowed
  • You will find that the city gets crowded and busier with a lot of traffic typically around 3pm-5pm when people are rushing home for iftar.
traffic in ramadan
  • Listening to loud music in public places during the fasting hours is disliked and you will also not find live music entertainment because it is prohibited.loud music not allowed in public places
  • Smoking in public is strictly not allowed as it could bother people who are fasting. If it is necessary, you may do so in a private place.
  • Double-check your event schedules during this month. Restaurants and hotels are pre-booked for iftar meals so get your hands on your table couple of days earlier if you need to!
  • Be cautious when taking photographs in public. Do not take photographs of Muslim women. Avoid taking photographs of docks, airports, government buildings, and telecommunication equipment, military and industrial installations.
  • Event though many restaurants are closed during fasting hours you will find a couple of them open, so do not worry about finding food until sunset. Some of the fast food outlets stay open in the daytime as well. Hotels have their restaurants open too but you may need to check with them before you decide your venue for the day.
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