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Healthy eating habits in Ramadan 2017

Where’s the checklist for your Iftar this year?? Haven’t created one yet?? Perfect!!

Did you know in Ramadan you have your breakfast at sunset? Yeah, you breakfast at sunset.

Let’s get the basics right! Iftar and Suhoor are the two meals that Muslims take in the month of Ramadan. Suhoor is the meal taken before sunrise. Yes, that’s right. All the Muslims wake up to have a tummy filling meal before their morning prayer (FAJR) which is approximately one hour before sunrise. After this, they continue their day as normal but without consuming any food or drink until sunset.No, not even water. They do this as it has been ordered in their holy book by their God and the fast is intended to bring the faithful closer to God and to remind them of the suffering of those less fortunate.

1- Suhoor:

Typically for suhoor, you can choose what to eat as per your appetite and culture, but it is considered better to eat foods that release energy so you feel less tired by the end of the day.

  • Consider fibre reach foods like beans, whole grains, brown rice, nuts, seeds, oatmeal and vegetables. Dubai247
  • You also need a lot of proteins to delay hunger pangs and provide energy.  Have some egg sandwich or wrap, cereal with fruits and nuts or a healthy peanut butter smoothie with bananas, chia seeds and anything that you wish to add as your taste buds demand.Dubai247
  • Avoid fried foods and have some healthy fats like avocados, nut butter, olives, olive oil etc. You can make yourself and your family an energy packed a sandwich with salmon, egg, veggies and whole grain English muffin!Dubai247
  • Always add fruits and vegetable to your suhoor. Drinking too much water in one go will only leave you hungry later because you may not be able to eat enough while you have filled yourself with water. So eat fruits and vegetables with high water content that will keep you hydrated for the next couple of hours.Dubai247
  • It is also important to drink at least 2 glasses of water before you begin your fast specially in the summer months you could get really thirsty.  This is a must healthy eating habit in Ramadan you should be adopting.

 2- Iftar 

Iftar is feasting for most of the Muslim families but to stay healthy it is advised to eat healthy throughout the month and let your body detox and prepare itself for the next year (as per Hijri Calendar).
  • Muslims break their fast with 3 dates (as advised by Prophet Mohammed S.A.W). Dates prepare your stomach for more food after fasting all day by activating the release of digestive secretions and juices.Dubai247
  • Consuming a good amount of fruits at this point could be one of the best choices for a meal but if you prefer having your usual meal then consider having some fruits later. Because mixing fruits with meals can hinder digestion.Dubai247
  • Avoid combining citrus foods with milk based foods. You need to take it a little easy so you don’t overeat and feel bloated.Dubai247
  • It’s best to eat small portions at regular intervals so your body gets enough time to process the food  and ensure proper functioning.Dubai247
  • Arabic coffee is something you will find in all Arab countries, especially for iftars . This coffee has no calories, loaded with anti-oxidants, keeps you hydrated and lowers diabetes. Try it out!Dubai247
You must try out some Iftar buffets in Dubai that offer a huge variety of dishes to satisfy your taste buds and cravings. Some of the hot spots for Iftar in Dubai are:  Wish you a peaceful Ramadan! Check related blogs; 10 Things that will Give You a Dip into Dubai Lifestyle in Ramadan , Experience some of the Luxury Style Iftars that Dubai offers Just for You Details are subject to change and may not be accurate, please refer to our Terms & Conditions
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