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Entertainment In Dubai Mall:

Being one of the world’s largest malls, Dubai mall offers an exclusive all-in-one experience. It is a must-visit during your trip to Dubai. Here is the list of Entertainment in Dubai Mall offers you:

1-Dubai Ice Rink:

Dubai Ice Rink is the first Olympic-sized ice rink in Dubai which offers a hands-on experience to enjoy the bliss. Apart from Adults, Ice rink offers kids an opportunity to learn ice skating which is supervised by Ice Rink’s own professionals.  Hope you have your skating shoes on, already!Dubai247, Attractions In Dubai Mall


Are you a candy lover? Or are you fascinated by wonders of a 3D printer, that too something that will print your own candy?  Head to Dubai Mall’s Candylicious  – a world of candy and experience 3D gummy printer personally. It’s the world where you can relish your fond memories of candy-age and have an experience to be in a world filled just with candies and sweets, isn’t this what we asked for when we were kids, right?Dubai247, Attractions In Dubai Mall

3-Sega Republic:

Calling all Supersonic and thriller fans! The Sega Republic offers an adrenaline-gushing experience of one of the best rides in Dubai, a place where fun meets thrill.Dubai247, Attractions In Dubai Mall  

4-Rage Skate Bowl, Dubai:

Who knew even Dubai Mall had open innovations? The Rage skate bowl hidden on the 2nd floor of the mall provides a platform for all the skateboarders to test their skills out. For a fact that they are free of cost, this place is a bit tricky to locate.Dubai247, Attractions In Dubai Mall

5-The “Village”:

Experience  Emirates Airline A380 simulator with a 30-minute duration flying stimulator to 12 worldwide destinations. If flying a plane was something that you wanted to kick off the bucket list, then this place is perfect for you.Dubai247, Attractions In Dubai Mall

6-Dubai Fountains:

The dancing fountain at the Mall is one of the biggest tourist attractions. Illuminated by 6,600 lights and 25 coloured projectors, it is 275 m (902 ft) long and shoots water up to 500 ft (152.4 m) into the air accompanied by a range of classical to contemporary Arabic and world music. The Dubai Fountain is the world’s second largest choreographed fountain system set on the 30-acre manmade Burj Khalifa Lake. Dubai247, Attractions In Dubai Mall


7-Dubai Aquarium:

Whether you want to have a swim with sharks or a selfie with a shoal of fish, you got it all under one roof. Dubai Aquarium is one of the largest Aquariums in the world with over hundreds of different species that will leave you awestruck. They also provide you with an opportunity to swim with the fishes and befriend them!Dubai247, Attractions In Dubai Mall


Has your child had an experience of what is it like to work at the place he/she dreams for yet?  KidZania in Dubai offers children an opportunity to explore their work skills and have fun at the same time in a whole new world. From doctors to race car drivers, name it and KidZania has it all! Dubai247, Attractions In Dubai Mall  
9- RainForest Cafe: If you’ve ever wanted to experience dining in amidst flora and fauna or maybe wild animals that you are fascinated by,  then Rain Forest Cafe is the perfect place to visit.  With some delicious food to feast upon, Rainforest cafe enriches the ambience by creating a miniature rainforest and real like statues of animals with their voices. Who knew dining in a rainforest would become this easy? Dubai 247, Attractions in Dubai Mall

10-Underwater Zoo, Dubai Aquarium:

Located on Level Two above the Aquarium tank, Underwater Zoo leads you through three ecological Zones; Rainforest, Rocky Shore and Living Ocean.Watch out for these aquatic creatures at Underwater Zoo: Otters, Piranha, Humbolt Penguins, African Dwarf Crocodiles, Lionfish, Giant Spider Crabs, Seahorses, Garden Eels, Archerfish, Arapaima, Water Rats, Paddlefish, Cichlids, Nautilus and much more amazing aquatic animals in 40 individual aquatic displays. Dubai247 Dubai Under Water Zoo,  

Which of these would you like to visit first? Comment down below!

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