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Interesting things do alone in Dubai

If you are someone who has just moved into the city alone,  here are a few things that you can do to get a hands-on self-experience of Dubai.

1-Visit the old library at MOE:

The Old Library is Dubai’s oldest English language library.  It is home to a collection of over 20,000 books in a wide range of topics. All the book fanatics, what could be a better place than this, for you? Dubai247, Things to do in Dubai Alone  

2-A walk along the jogging track at the kite beach:

Fitness is a very integral part of our lives. And fitness with an enticing experience to view the sunset at the kite beach is a must haves to kick off from the Dubai-Bucket-List. Find out the directions to kite beach, here. Dubai247, Things to do alone in Dubai

3-Head to Bastakiya, the old textile market and then to the creek for a walk:

Blooming with the rich culture and heritage of Old Dubai, Bastakiya beautifully portrays the heritage of the Arabs and the roots of their extreme hospitality and generosity. Along with that are the textile markets with vibrant colours and styles, the one you would definitely love to try out. Of course, who can then miss the creek walk and the Abra? Dubai247, Things to do alone in Dubai

4-Take up a new hobby like photography:

Hobbies play a very crucial part in our lives since they are those add-ons to our human software that help our systems stay happy and focused. A hobby like photography in Dubai seems no less than the best leisure-hobby time ever spent since Dubai is well known for its beautifully constructed architecture.  Captures and clicks of some of the best constructs like Burj Khalifa or some naturally grown date-palms, all would be pleasing to the eye. Dubai247, Things to do alone in Dubai

5-Attend marathon events in Dubai:

Just like the heart of many other things, Dubai also stays first when it comes to health and fitness and Marathon proves to be the best opportunity to flex your calf muscles and get your lazy cells active. Some of the famous Marathon runs in Dubai are Standard Chartered Dubai Marathon, Nike Run DXB, Desert Running DXB. Dubai247,Things to do alone in Dubai

6-Find Hidden food:

What can be more adventurous than discovering some of the most exotic and fresh food while you explore an unseen part of Dubai? Bu Qtair serves this as an opportunity for you. Located along the Jumeirah road, this cafeteria serves fresh seafood and cooked in the best way possible. It’s your time now to get your taste buds help you explore more! Dubai247, Things to do alone in Dubai

How are you going to spend your time alone as a first timer in Dubai? Tell us in the comments!

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