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Weather in Dubai:

Dubai, famously known as the city of  desert is obviously a hot land since it began from the deserts. It is home to camels, Date palms and cactus(the plants that can thrive in heat and with less water). The marvellous infrastructure and the scientific techniques by  UAE have made a huge impact on the climate change of this country. One of the most important factors to be considered while planning a trip to Dubai is the weather. The weather in Dubai is utmost. When it’s summers the temperatures go as high as 55 and when it is winters, it goes as low as 14°C. The hottest month in Dubai is August where the average temperature go as high as 36 °C. The coldest month in Dubai is January where the temperature drops as low as 19 °C. The wettest month in Dubai is February with an average rain of 40mm and the most humid month of the year is June which is also one of the beginning months of Summers in Dubai. Schools and private institutions are mostly closed during the months of summer since the temperatures go very high. The highest temperature recorded in UAE has been 55 C(2002) and the lowest has been recorded as -0.3° C(Ras Al Khaimah). Rain in Dubai at a time did pose a huge challenge but thanks to the UAE government, they have already implemented a solution to this. The cloud seeding technique has been implemented since 1990’s and is the technique to generate the ability of the cloud to generate more rain. The scarcity of rain which caused the farmers of UAE to produce less has also been solved. Dubai247, Dubai Weather Now the main questions stand here for the tourists are, What do we do in each respective weathers in UAE.  But Hey!  No fear! Dubai 24-7 is here! Here at Dubai 24-7, we have a carefully chosen list of things you can actually do in both the weathers. So you can have the trip of your life irrespective of the weather conditions here in Dubai!

Things you can do in Dubai during summers:-

1-Dubai Summer Surprises: The Dubai Summer Surprises is one of the best attractions in Dubai and definitely a must visit while your trip to Dubai in Summers.

2-The Dubai Malls: Each mall here in Dubai have their own unique attractions and infrastructure and the best malls here in Dubai are: The Dubai Mall, The Mall of the Emirates, The Ibn Battuta Mall etc.

3-Visit the Dubai Museum: What can be a better way to know about the rich culture of Dubai!

4-Visit and experience the thrill of the Dubai Resorts and parks: Thrill lovers, it’s your time to experience extreme adrenaline rush!

5-Plan a group outing with your family/friends to Bounce and make it a day to remember!

6-Go skydiving at Skydive Dubai.

7-Visit the Waterparks in UAE.  The famous waterparks in UAE are- Wild Wadi Waterpark, AquaVenture Waterpark, Iceland Waterpark and Dreamland Aquapark.

Things you can do in Dubai during winters:-

1-Make your ow kites and fly at the Kite Beach.

2-Plan camping trip to mountains like Jabal Jais and Jabal Hafeet.

3-Visit food trucks like SALT.

4-Try some Lebanese food that will fulfill all your taste bud needs(Suggestion- Visit Al Mallah )

5-Shop at Naif Souk- Naif Souk in Deira is very famous for gold, A visit or probably buying something that will add charm to your jewellery would definitely do too!

6-Visit the Al-Ain zoo and have the time of your life!

7-Get fit! Participate in marathons and keep your energizing cells active!

  During which time of the year would you like to visit Dubai? Comment down below! Liked this article?  Read more articles about Dubai, here: Dubai24-7 Read more: Things to do in Dubai Attractions in Dubai Dining City Information about Dubai At the time of the publication of the blog, the information provided in the blog is factually accurate and verified. this company is not liable or responsible for any change of the data.  
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