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Dubai Night Life places 

The “Vibrant” Dubai has some exciting places for you to enjoy your nightlife here. Dubai24-7 brings a list of nightclubs you can visit during your stay in Dubai:

1-Stero Arcade:

The club, pub and arcade, The Stereo Arcade is the perfect spot for thrill enthusiasts. With a very reasonable price, this club has a lot more to offer. It is a stage to the most talented acts and it provides an exclusive experience of nightlife in Dubai. Dubai247, Nightclubs in Dubai Call: +971 52 618 2424
2-Barasati Beach: What can be a better way to beat Dubai Summers by having a party at the beach? Offering one of the best DJ’s and a lifetime experience of having a beach-bar-party, Barasati Beach is the best way to beat the summer heat in Dubai. Dubai247, Nightclubs in Dubai Call: +971 4 318 1313
4-The Music Room: The Music Room is not just home to high-quality live music but also to upcoming artists! So if the music is your passion then this platform is for you!     Call: +971 4 359 8888

 5-York International Hotel:

Perfectly fitting into the reasonable budget, York International Hotel is the first class hotel/bar which perfectly is tailored to suit your party needs. Moreover, it provides ease of location as it is located centrally in the famous “Meena Bazar” of Dubai! Dubai247, Nightclubs in Dubai Call: +971 4 355 5500
9-Feugo: If you are looking for contemporary Mexican then this one is the perfect spot for you. Feugo is one of the best Mexican hotels in Dubai which provides you with a high-class experience with a Mexican touch. Moreover, it also provides a first class dining experience if that is also what you are looking for! Dubai247, Nightclubs in Dubai Call: +971 4 449 0977     At the time of the publication of the blog, the information provided on the blog is factually accurate and verified. this company is not liable or responsible for any change of the data.

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