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Ramadan in Dubai:

Dubai,  known for always upholding its flourishing culture and strong Muslim roots gives us very strong reasons as to why we should spend Ramadan here in Dubai. Ramadan in Dubai seems no less than a festive season with its utmost care for fasting Muslims and a beautiful ambience with its night markets and best places to dine-in.  If you happen to visit Dubai during Ramadan, consider yourself lucky! Apart from ambience, there are a lot of places where you can get superb discounts and deals.  We, at Dubai24-7, have created a list of things you can do while you are spending your Ramadan in Dubai. A lot of mosques in Ramadan offer a place for all Muslims to break their fasts. There are various Ramadan deals in various restaurants around Dubai. The timings of private institutions and firms also are reduced, which provides utmost convenience to all those fasting as they get time to rest. There are various Night Markets in Dubai that are not just open for visitors to see and shop but this time the night markets are also opened to break a lot of world records. This year is termed as the year of giving and so this time, Ramadan has been prosperous for all, and by prosperous we mean for the taker and the giver. UAE has launched open fridges for all those in need and the best part of it is even the ones who have a surplus to give can donate. Apart from that huge companies like DU have launched campaigns that provide basic food essentials to all the needy people.  Dubai247, Ramadan in Dubai During Ramadan, eating outside/public places are prohibited and breaking this rule can lead to huge fines. Apart from that, most of the restaurants in Dubai are closed during the fasting hours, however, most of them are open throughout the night. The nights in Ramadan are truly live and wonderful and is a must experience at least once in your lifetime. Hope all of you have a blessed Ramadan!   Have you experienced Ramadan in Dubai yet? If yes comment your experience down below!  
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