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Myths about Ramadan:

Ramadan is here which means millions of Muslims around the world are fasting. But there are a few facts about this month that have to be brought into the light, more specifically, they are the “Myths” that surround it. We, at Dubai24-7, bring to you a few facts and myths that need to be debunked.

1-Ramadan is only about abstaining from food and water all day:

Ramadan is actually NOT only about refraining from food and water all day BUT is also about emotional, mental and spiritual purification. Fasting indeed is a huge part of Ramadan but there is a very obvious difference between observing a fast and observing a complete refrain from everything that is considered negative/prohibited/Haram which includes swearing, any act of violence, being unkind and unhelpful etc.  Dubai247, Myths about Ramadan

2- Brushing your teeth while fasting is not okay:

This is one of the most common myths that revolves as a huge doubt among Muslims every year. Brushing during fasting is permissible, however, one has to make sure that he/she does not gulp any water while brushing/gargling. Dubai247, Myths about Dubai

3- Drinking water is permissible during the fasting hours:

Fasting during Ramadan means completely abstaining from edible and drinkable items from dawn to dusk, which also means refraining from water all day. However, after sunset, the Muslims can eat/drink anything normally.Dubai247, Myths about Ramadan  

4-It is necessary for all Muslims to fast irrespective:

Islam, as a religion, is about  worship with convenience and comfort. Islam does not provide strict/rigid rules that make it difficult for the Muslims to follow. and Ramadan is no exception. During Ramadan the following people are exempted from fasting:
  • The ones who are sick
  • The ones who are pregnant
  • Young children
  • Elderly people
  • The ones who are travellingDubai247, Myths about Ramadan

5- Every year, Ramadan happens on a fixed date:

Islam follows a lunar calendar, which means the days are based on the sighting of the moon. And so, there is not fixed days as to when Ramadan occurs every year.  

6- “Can we eat in front of you?”

We can bet every Muslim has heard this over a hundred times each Ramadan. Well, of course you can! Fasting is a choice and there is no way as to why would we refrain anyone else to eat in front of us!Dubai247, Myths about Ramadan
  What other myth have you heard of? Comment down below: Liked this article?  Read more articles about Dubai, here: Dubai24-7 Read more:          Things to do in Dubai,        Attractions in Dubai,        Dining,         City Information about Dubai        10 Do’s and Don’ts for  Dubai in Ramadan        Experience some of the Luxury Style Iftars that Dubai offers Just for You ,        Healthy Food habits for Suhoor and Iftar in Ramadan 2017 At the time of the publication of the blog, the information provided in the blog is factually accurate and verified. this company is not liable or responsible for any change of the data.
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