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Dubai Sim Card for Tourists

Here is how to get mobile phone sim card for tourists in Dubai or UAE?

The United Arab Emirates have two network providers:
  • Etisalat
  • Du
Both offer special mobile phone packages for visitors to Dubai. A tourist to Dubai or the UAE can get their mobile phone sim card from Etisalat or Du by requesting a Visitor Line. This will allow them to make calls, send SMS, or browse the internet with data. Etisalat and Du provide options for packages which are much cheaper than when being charged with the regular tariffs for visitors. dubai24-7

1- Etisalat Visitor Line

For AED 100 you get started with the Visitor Line and subscribe to any one of the packs, It stays valid for 60 days and it can be extended for 90 more days by paying AED 10. You can recharge your visitor line with any voucher across 10,000 outlets. The Visitor Line packs are valid for 14 days and only the same packages as in the starter can be re-purchased for AED 75. To activate dial *101# or text VB1 for surf or VB3 for talk, text & surf to 1012. This is a big disadvantage compared with the similar product of Du. Alternatively, you can migrate free of charge your Visitor Line to Wasel at any time. For more info please check the Etisalat mobile app or visit the nearest Etisalat outlet.

2- Du Visitor Mobile Line

The Visitor Mobile Line (VML) is a prepaid mobile line specially designed for tourists or business travelers visiting the UAE. It gives all the benefits of a mobile line and more, allowing you to stay in touch with your friends and relatives in the UAE or abroad. It is valid for 7 days after activation. The Tourist SIM is valid for 90 days from activation. Customers can extend the validity for another 90 days at AED 5 by typing *135# and choose option 2 or migrate to Pay As You Go when required.
For both of these services, visitors will need to present a valid form of ID. You can get your ­Du Visitor Mobile Line or Etisalat Visitor Line at any of our airport branches or our shops and authorized dealers across the UAE. 

Wi-Fi services are available throughout Dubai and most shopping malls, hotels and airport terminals are Wi-Fi hotspots.

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