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Dubai Summer Surprises:

It’s the time of the year where heat is at its peak and there is a very high chance that most of the outdoor productivity becomes zero. But this is not something to be sad about. Because it’s now time for Dubai Summer Surprises! Introduced in 1998, Dubai Summer Surprises in an indoor festival that takes place in all malls and other indoor places and Dubai and provides an exhilarating experience to residents and tourists with tonnes of in-mall events shows parades and different other entertainment experience at different malls and places across Dubai. Dubai Summer Surprises is not just about getting to see exciting shows but a lot to provide value for money.   Dubai Summer Surprises is appealing for the whole family, as regional and international visitors along with residents have a great time in Dubai. When does it begin and end? It begins on the 1st of July and ends on 12th of August. It will be for a duration of 42 days.  Dubai247, Dubai Summer Surprises   Where will it be held? It will be in all shopping malls across Dubai and the shows will be held in different venues across Dubai (Details to be announced later). Dubai247, Dubai Summer Surprises   What is going to be there? Dubai Summer Surprises is all about fun. Keeping up the summer spirits high, Dubai summer surprises will be back with loads of performances, street shows, dances and other extravagant performances that will light up the ambience of Dubai. There will also be a huge shopping sale in Dubai during these six weeks which will also include a sale on jewellery, electronics etc. Dubai Summer Surprises really supports value for money and so every dirham spent on sale is worth all of it! Apart from all of that, the residents will also get a chance to participate in the raffle draws and take some mega prizes. So, are you going to try your luck this DSS? Dubai247, Dubai Surprises What more to expect?  Every year, Dubai Summer Surprises comes as more vibrant as ever! So what we can expect this year is some more street performances, some more live shows and more and more brands participating in the Dubai Summer Surprises. Apart from this, more and more giveaways will be held which will make the competitions more catchy.Dubai247, Dubai Summer Surprises How does it benefit the economy as a whole? It benefits the economy by boosting it up to a higher level. With more and more inflow of tourists and grand sales, this helps in the generation of more money in the economy. 

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