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Street Food in Dubai:

Dubai24-7 brings to you a list of some of the most delicious and the most affordable street food in Dubai. Get your taste buds rollin’!  Whether it is some marvellous constructs or some delicious food, Dubai never fails to impress us. But what if we told you that Dubai also has some really delicious places to eat which are constructed in the most amazing way possible and is really affordable, would you believe us? See for yourself! We bring to you some of the best street food in Dubai.Not to mention, the street food in Dubai are in the form of food trucks and stops! So, impressed yet?!  loads more to come!

1- Burger Itch:

Cooking some of the best burgers in Dubai, This restaurant will give you tastes and flavours you have never imagined. BurgerItch is the innovation, hard work and risk-taking of 5 friends who quit their normal lives to go out of the way. Surprisingly, this restaurant has made thousands of customers happy and satisfied. All the Instagram users, whenever you go to BurgerItch, make sure you take some aesthetic photos and tag them with #burgeritch!Dubai247, Street Food in Dubai  

2- Huguette and Guy Creperie:

Food truck. Stalls in Mall, anyway, you can have it all! Huguette and Guy is one of the best-selling French Sweet and Savoury Crepes in Dubai. Whether you like your crepes with Nutella or some fulfilling meal like savoury snacks, Huguette and Guy bring them to you in the perfect way possible.  Apart from all that, the crepes are presented in such a way that it would make you drool even before you start taking pictures and posting them with a hashtag #huguetteandguy! French experience served the best!Dubai247, Street Food in Dubai  

3- Yumtingz:

Best price. Best Food. Best place. The Yumtingz food truck provides everything and more that you would love to eat at a price you can shell out easily! The best things to try over there are their shakes. They serve some of the best shakes we have ever tried and the flavour in every sip tickles our taste bud. Yumtingz is indeed yummy! #Yumtingz all the way!Dubai247, Street Food in Dubai  

4- Salt:

Located at the famous Kite Beach of Dubai, Salt is one of the most famous food places in Dubai.  Whether you are celebrating a beach day with your friends or an event night at Salt, this place is a must head to during your visit to the Kite Beach. But we must warn you before you come, make-up your mind on having a cheat day because the cheesy fries will make you want to have more and more!  so, added a hashtag #salt yet?Dubai247, Street Food in Dubai  

5- Moti Roti:

Simple.Tangy flavours, that will devour your taste buds and take your back to the deep and flourishing cultures! Customise your own roti and add your own fillings with Moti Roti, all are really really worth a try!  Get yourself into some traditional clothes and pose with your #motiroti!Dubai247, Street Food in Dubai  

6- Calle Tacos:

A Mexican food truck in Dubai that provides a full on Mexican experience. If you are a foodie then this place is a must try for you! The menu at Calle Tacos features a variety of traditional Mexican fare including burritos, nachos, quesadillas and of course, tacos. Customers can choose from a selection of proteins, toppings, and sauces for a customised meal that will suit any taste. Got your hashtag #calletacos rollin’ yet?Dubai247, Street Food in Dubai  

7- Melt:

What if we told you, there is a special food truck for ice-creams and frozen Yoghurt? I scream you scream we all scream for Ice cream! Who would not love an Ice cream truck especially during the blazing heat in Dubai! Melt offers  to you some of the best tastes in food, delicacies and frozen Yoghurt, this place is a sure-to-go! #Melt all the way!Dubai247, Street Food in Dubai  

8-The Boardwalk:

With the success of the Last Exit- an Amerincana themed based food truck park, we have another food truck park located right in between the scenic heart of Dubai- the Palm. The Boardwalk- one of the famous food truck lines in Dubai. There are almost 30 Food trucks that will be put up in the 1.6-kilometre stretch. ( 5 out of the 30 trucks have already been put up, rest will be up by the end of this year). In terms of parking spaces, it will have up to 350 parking spaces free of charge and in terms of views, it will provide a breathtaking view of the Gulf as well the Palm. Scenic beauty and good food, how cool is that?! #Boardwalk !

9-Last Exit:

Last Exit is a first-of-its-kind themed food truck concept offering a selection of fresh and tasty gourmet street food in a chilled, fun, and convenient atmosphere. Each location has its own unique theme and entertainment for all ages to explore and discover. It’s up to you whether stop for a quick bite or comes for the day. All that you need is an appetite for great food and an Instagram app for aesthetic #LastExit pictures! Dubai247, Street Food in Dubai
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