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Jumeirah Beach Hotel

Let us, Dubai24-7 take you to one of the most famous landmarks of Dubai- The Jumeirah Beach Hotel Jumeirah is a very famous and gorgeous lake in Dubai where people can find some of the most luxurious and lavish hotels. The water sports lover can have a great time in Jumeirah as the hotel offers various facilities for water skiing, scuba diving, and other activities. The fact about this great destination is that the lake is completely man-made and the residential sites are surrounded with splendid amenities which make a perfect option for the families to dwell in. dubai24-7 The Jumeirah Beach Hotel is a famous Dubai landmark with its trademark wave-like shape dominating the Jumeirah Beach skyline. As one of the older five-star hotels in the city, the Jumeirah Hotel enjoys considerable popularity among the business elite of Dubai. The most unmistakable part of the building is its wave-like shape. It is highly appropriate that it is situated just next to the equally incredibly sail-shaped Burj Al Arab. The combination of wave-like and sail-like shapes of the two buildings makes for a dramatic sight. Perhaps this is the reason why images of the two hotels abound on the internet – the sight is just too wonderful to not be captured on camera. Online booking

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The Jumeirah Beach Hotel was finished in 1997, years before the current construction boom in the city had started. Despite its relative age, the building can stand up to any of the newer skyscrapers in the city. Its age also gives it a sense of credibility and respect. While newer hotels like the Burj Al Arab and Atlantis, The Palm abound in opulence bordering on tackiness, the Jumeirah hotel appears more sedate and classy. This is one of the major reasons for its popularity among the elite of Dubai. dubai24-7 This architectural wonder is shaped like a giant wave and offers both main hotel accommodations and luxury Beit Al Bahar beach, retreat villas. The Jumeirah Beach Hotel is 5 Star-rated and has a number of in-house restaurants and bars featuring a wide range of cuisines, from South American, German, Asian and Italian, to British, Arabic, Lebanese and American. Services include tours, in-house shops, babysitting, a children’s club and an adventure playground. Activities include an outdoor swimming pool, fitness center, sauna and spa as well as tennis, windsurfing, diving, fishing, and snorkeling. Wild Wadi Aquatic Center is just across the road. Online Booking dubai24-7   This hotel has 598 rooms and 19 independent villas. Guests have their own private beach. Besides this, hotel guests also get unlimited access to the popular Wild Wadi Water Park – a place especially popular with tourists. Inside, one can find all the comforts that money can possibly purchase. Although it is far less expensive than some of the newer resorts/hotels, the Jumeirah is nonetheless, a bonafide five-star, with some great restaurants, tremendous attention to detail, and rooms that abound in luxury. For some fun and adventure, one gets to enjoy a host of water sports here like windsurfing, water-skiing, sailing and even scuba diving in Jumeirah Beach Hotels.

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