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Dubai24-7 brings to you one of the finest restaurants in Dubai that will create a delish and an urge to eat more.  GoPlated Dubai is one the most devouring and delicious places in Dubai. It consists of some Asian foods and delights that will surely impress you. GoPlated is an online restaurant that offers ease of food delivery. Have it anytime, anywhere, anyhow. They are an app based restaurant that offers food at best rates. Their food system is one of a unique system in Dubai which consists of downloading their app and ordering food at any required location- Whether it is workplace or office, it’s all easy and fresh, just a few clicks. There is so much better news for all!  if you use the discount code Dubai247 and get 30% off your order!  Isn’t that some great news? Well, then you have to head to GoPlated and buy yourself some really amazing food! Are you wondering what is the menu? How does all of the tasty food look?  and find out for yourself what suits you the best out of the special and delicious healthy food they make.

GoPlated Menu

GoPlated was born to serve you quality food at the affordable price & delivered in 30 mins or less. Visit GoPlated use the voucher DUBAI247 at the checkout.


Sushi, Sandwich & Salad


Chicken Noodles


Seaweed Tuna Salad


Roasted Vegetables Wrap

 GoPLated for Delivery  +971 55 646 7989

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