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Shisha in Dubai:

Shisha in Dubai is one of the most common past time of expats in Dubai, it also offers one of a kind experience to everyone visiting Dubai. Just like some of it’s exoctic hotels and restaurants Dubai has not left any stone unturned in providing some really delightful experiences with some amazing lounge. Dubai24-7 brings to you the list of some of the best sheesha spots in town.

1- Koyla Lounge and Cafe:

Located in Oud Metha, Koyla offers a wide range of shisha flavors and a perfect place to relax on weekends or hours after work. Whether it’s a group of friends to catch up with or try Chef Saji’s handpicked flavors of food, this place has a lot more to offer than just shisha(Well, they do have very quick services and live singing as well). Have a night out with Koyla lounge and you will experience what it is like to feel the bliss! Head to Koyla this weekend! Phone number- 04 336 5655

2- Hadoota Masreya:

Dubai247 Located in Al Safa and Sheikh Zayed Road, this popular spot for Egyptian food and shisha is one of the favorites in Dubai. It is split into two restaurants one where you can smoke shisha, and, a non-smoking spot. This Egyptian restaurant will take your imagination to the old ancient Egypt with the theme that is all about antiques and monuments. It’s certainly a place you’d love to be if you’re a blogger in the making or aesthetic photos enthusiast. Puff some of it while you share your day going back to old days with your friends! So, is it on your checklist yet? Phone number- 04 380 9000
3- Tche Tche Cafe:Dubai247 Located on Sheikh Rashid road, The café’s stylish, contemporary design, coupled with an unbeatably warm ambiance, provides the perfect setting to relax and enjoy the company of family and friends.  It also provides an amazing experience when it comes to shisha because this cafe has a lot of flavors for you to smoke! The ambiance and the atmosphere will make you want to come here again and again. Head to Tche Tche cafe for a Tche-tastic evening! Phone number- 04 294 1371

4- Shimmers Dubai:

Dubai247 Shimmers reside in one of the best locations in Dubai, right on Madinat Jumeirah’s private beach with spectacular views of Burj Al Arab. Offering Resort guests and locals, residents authentic Greek delish cuisine and a casually chic atmosphere, the completely refurbished beach restaurant is the newest concept in Jumeirah. Whitewashed wood, textiles in turquoise shades and relaxed seating on the sand offer the ideal escape right a few steps away from the sea. This place serves as one of the best places to enjoy beach vibes on a weekday afternoon or a weekend early evenings. Whether it’s a hangout that’ll you’d never want to forget or some time with your loved ones, this place is surely bound to keep you bedazzled. Head out to Shimmer to puff out your worries! Phone number- 04 432 3232

5- Arena Shisha Terrace:

Dubai247 Arena offers a soothing setting overlooking the beautiful view of Dubai Marina area. Sit back and puff your favorite shisha flavors in a relaxing ambiance  The arena is an outdoor setting perfect to unwind with live sports coverage at our large TV Screens. Enjoy the beautiful Arabic Music while you smoke some of the best flavors in town. Apart from some exotic shisha flavors, it specializes in Shisha and Saj which will add icing to the cake! So, have you decided to visit this place yet? We suggest do it NOW! Phone number- 04 448 8222  
At the time of the publication of the blog, the information provided in the blog is factually accurate and verified. This company is not liable or responsible for any change of the data.


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