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Dubai Sightseeing:

Dubai is well-known for its marvelous constructs and famous places to see, there is no place nobody would love not to see when they are in Dubai. We, at Dubai24-7, bring to you some of the must-visit places in Dubai for Dubai Sightseeing.

1- At the top- Burj Khalifa

Burj Khalifa stands tall and proud being the world’s tallest building with over 170 floors and the exciting part about this construct is that you can go up to level 148 (There are three levels you can visit- 124, 125 and 148) and have a breathtaking view of Dubai and more specifically, Downtown Dubai. This place is best for aesthetic pictures, selfies to post with  #atthetop  and also a place worth spending time at! Burj Khalifa is also accessible from Dubai Mall so after you’ve had your time with some aesthetic scenes, you can some good time shopping, eating and playing at the famous Dubai Mall.

2- Dubai Museum/ Al Bastakiya-

It is very important for one to discover even the culture of the country they are in/or they visit. In Dubai’s case, it is almost impossible not to go back and see the roots of such a beautiful and flourishing culture. Dubai Museum is an evidence of how Dubai has grown from sandy deserts to marvelous constructs in a span of time and is progressing more with milestones like Expo 2020. As much as amazingly Dubai is growing, it has also had a glorious past and so this place is a must visit to see how beautiful Dubai has evolved over the years.

3- Dubai Gold Souk-

As much as the high-end areas are known for its marvelous beauty, areas like Deira are well known for the shopping spree. The very famous Gold Souq takes it back to the old gold days! One of the best crafters in jewelry dwell in this Gold Souq. If you want to buy some world class gold or simply even visit and enjoy the street shopping ambiance, this place is a must visit for you!

4- Palm Jumeirah-

Dubai247 Palm Jumeirah is one of the three planned Palm Islands planned for construction by Dubai and the newest in the list of attractions that Dubai has to offer. A man-made marvel, this island offers tourists a host of activities to be a part of. From shopping malls to hotels to luxury beach resorts, Palm Jumeirah Islands have it all. It is, indeed, just another example of Dubai’s uninhibited fantasies put perfectly in perspective. A 6-lane highway bridge leads to the man-made island which clearly stands out among all other Dubai sightseeing places. The construct is also home to the popular Atlantis – The Palm and a number of exciting theme parks which include Aquaventure.

5- Dubai Miracle Garden-

Dubai247 Dubai Miracle Garden is no less than a wonder!  Located in Al Barsha South, the park is home to the region’s biggest flower garden with more than 45 million blooming flowers across a huge land all showcased in a variety of immense sculptures and designs and imitations of world’s wonders. Have your eyes glued on blooming pyramids, stars,  and hearts. Wonder at the record-breaking wall of thousands of flowers, or take a stroll under a ceiling of colorful umbrellas. Bursting with vibrant displays, the park feels more like an impressive art exhibit than a tourist attraction. You’ll leave knowing you’ve truly witnessed a miracle: a huge garden in the middle of a desert. Can you imagine seeing an Emirates Airbus made of flowers?!

6- Dubai Fountains:

Dubai24-7 Located in Dubai Mall, Dubai Fountains has always been the center of attraction and one of the top-rated Dubai attractions. Starting from evening there are different timings of the shows and they are something you should definitely watch! Colorful fountains with some music that is absolutely eye-catching! Head to Dubai Fountains for an evening you will never forget!

7- Kite Beach Dubai:Dubai247

As the name itself seems, Kite beach is one of the most beautiful beaches that also has so many activities to do while you’re there. Whether it is surfing, scuba diving or flying kites, even just collecting shells or maybe sitting by the shore clicking pictures, this place is the perfect spot for everything. A sunset view from this beach is something worth seeing live and capturing every moment. Plan this weekend and spend time with your loved ones at the famous kite beach!    

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