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Global Village:

Global Village is one of the largest and the most celebrated festival in the UAE. Global Village celebrates the unity of the world and the integrity of nations coming together. It stays for 6 months of the year with thousands of stalls set up and divided into different pavilions which are named country wise. Each pavilion has all the specialty of items of sale pertaining to that country. It enhances the richness that every culture carries within and gives everyone a chance to experience such a beautiful experience in one go. Apart from just shopping, there is a list of things you’d love to do. There are foods from different countries which are either in the form of small stalls or restaurant set-ups. There are also rides for people of all ages so there are thrill and excitement for everyone under one roof. There are also shows performed by various local and international artists which also ranges from a variety of themes like music, dance, and skits. The whole concept of getting the world together also means that there is even a small architectural depiction of the wonders around the world, and some of the famous architects as well. Global village will this year commence on 1st of November and will be back with much more exciting things to be a part of. Make sure you visit the place and get yourself ready for some colorful tastes!  

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