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We all know that Dubai is a stunning place, with a variety of things to do and see and a whole world of treasures few people know about. We also know it isn’t always the cheapest Emirate and that an evenings entertainment can end up costing you more than you bargained for if the night gets away with you, especially if your night out is a date night and you’re swept up in romance! So what are the best ways of keeping a lid on expenses when you’re planning a date night with that special person in your life? Surely Dubai offers more than high-end restaurants and bars costing the earth? Take a look at our guide to cost-effective – and romantic – date nights in our fine town. Take a stroll The newly opened Dubai Water Canal.. #dubaiwatercanal #dubai #uae #mrexpatstravel #boardwalk The newly opened Dubai Water Canal.. #dubaiwatercanal #dubai #uae #mrexpatstravel #boardwalk” by jason abao As we said, we all know Dubai is an incredibly beautiful place, but you haven’t seen its true beauty until you’ve taken it all in on a midnight stroll with a loved one. The lavish nature of the city obviously means that developers are clamouring over one another to create the most eye-catching architecture and scenery, and the best thing of all? So much of it is completely free! The enchanting Dubai Water Canal boardwalk, for example, is one of the most beautiful places in the entire world to drink in an evening wander and the light show on the mechanical waterfall is something to behold in itself.   Take an abra Anyone who has taken a spouse to Paris, Venice or London will appreciate the romance of a river cruise, and Dubai is no different, where lucky couples can charter their own abra for less than you’d think. The abra drivers are known to work into the wee small hours, making a sojourn through the sights and sounds of Dubai by water even more stunning by night. Seeing the lights of the city glisten off the water is a breathtaking experience every resident should take advantage of.   Eat on the street

Food Truck “Food Truck” by siska maria eviline

The temptation for a date night in Dubai is to book into any one of its famously luxurious restaurants and wow your partner, but when keeping an eye on your wallet, it’s easy to retain that wow factor and enjoy a romantic evening meal out without spending the world. Dubai’s wonderfully varied street food scene is blossoming, serving up a range of mouth-watering treats and authentic cuisines from around the world at a fraction of the price of an up-market eatery. Eating out of a truck may not be every date’s cup of tea, but by night it can be a quirky and romantic way to grab a bite.   Strap on your skates Such is the nature of Dubai, ice skating in the middle of the desert is now an affordable opportunity. The ice rink at the Dubai Mall costs a meagre AED 80 per person on their disco nights, where Western dance and RnB music is pumped out to the coupled masses along with a light show. It’s fun and friendly, and devilishly romantic.   Catch a movie under the stars A night at the movies seems to get more and more expensive with every visit nowadays, and once you’ve snaffled some snacks, it can cost you more than you’d think. Luckily there is an alternative, with The Rooftop Gardens at Wafi Pyramids offering up free movie showings at their fabulous outdoor cinema every Sunday. It’s one of Dubai’s longest-serving weekly events and remains hugely popular with residents and tourists alike. One or more of these ideas will help keep the romance alive in Dubai without the need to go all out every single time. Enjoy.  

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