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Christmas Brunches in Dubai:

It is the season of festivities and almost time for Christmas! Dubai gives you many reasons to celebrate Christmas in the city, one of them being brunches in Dubai. We, at Dubai24-7 want to make this special for you and so, we have a list of restaurants you would love to have a Christmas brunch at. We bring to you the best Christmas brunches in Dubai.

1- 3 in 1 restaurant- Vida downtown:

Affordable price and great food, 3 in 1 restaurant is here to make your Christmas better than ever. Standing at the first of our list of Christmas Brunches in Dubai, 3 in 1 is the way to add toast to your Christmas brunch. Head there for your Christmas Brunch and make your festive day even more special.

2- Festive Wanderlust brunch- JW Marriot:

Dubai24-7   JW Marriot is one more reason why you should celebrate Christmas here in Dubai. JW Marriot is going to hold some really special a la carte menu and buffet menus to make your Christmas brunches in Dubai a special one. Have the best Christmas ever with JW Marriot.  

3- Park Hyatt Dubai:Dubai24-7

Park Hyatt Dubai is one of the most famous restaurants in Dubai. Every event in Dubai is celebrated at it’s best with Park Hyatt Dubai and Christmas is no less. Celebrate your Christmas with a delicious feast at the Park Hyatt Dubai. Being 5th on the list of Christmas Brunches in Dubai, Park Hyatt is something really special to offer on this special day.

4- Gaucho Dubai:

Dubai24-7   The Argentinian restaurant will be holding a festive a la carte brunch on the day of Christmas. The menu will include roasted turkey, rib eye steak and all the delicacies you would like to feast on, on the day of Christmas. Being 6th on the list of Christmas Brunches in Dubai, this restaurant is definitely a must visit to make your Christmas extra special.

5- Caravan:

Caravan is one of the most affordable Christmas Brunches in Dubai. Celebrate your Christmas in the most affordable and fun way possible. 5Th one on the list of Christmas brunches in Dubai has a lot to give with a cheaper price. Go ahead, grab that deal!

6-  360 ° Dubai:

Dubai24-7 Christmas brunch redefined with perfection and style. 360° is here to bring some of the best foods in Dubai on one of the most important festivities in Dubai.  

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