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5 Fun new things to do in Dubai: Whether it is the talk about wanderlust or about exploring new things, Dubai comes first! Dubai is really famous for the thing to do in city. The whole talk about exploring new things is true because Dubai makes it all happen! Dubai is not just famous for its sightseeing places but also the things you can do in the city. We, Dubai24-7 bring to you the list of things to do in Dubai: 1-Visit Al Seef- Dubai24-7   If you’re wondering what happened to the creek that once was a chillin’ spot for many people, then you know you’re at the right place. The all-new Al Seef has made the place even more aesthetically pleasing and even more enjoyable! A stroll or even a dinner date, Al Seef has everything you have ever asked for! The mini version of City Walk is located right in the heart of old Dubai. 2-At the top, Burj Khalifa- Dubai24-7   Your Dubai bucket list is incomplete without  having a view of the city from the top! Burj Khalifa gives you a once in a lifetime view from the top. With best prices and good visiting hours, At the top, Burj Khalifa is something you definitely should do if you are considering things to do in Dubai. 3-A day at Kite Beach- Dubai24-7 Everything in Dubai is certainly something to ponder over and a day at the beach will not leave you any less awestruck! if you’re in Dubai for a few days then this is something you can do if you have a day or two to spare before you leave. If you’re someone who resides in this city then there is no way you should miss visiting this beach. Spend a day with your loved ones and don’t forget to take some pictures with #kitebeach! 4-Try some multi cuisines- Dubai24-7   Did we tell you Dubai is also famous for its cuisines?! Dubai is home to almost all types of cuisines in the world and if you are a foodie or a food blogger, then Dubai is the right place for you. Any type of cuisine and anything you want to eat, you will find it all in Dubai. 5-Take a selfie at Dubai Frame: Dubai24-7 Dubai frame is one of Dubai’s latest architecture and it is one of the must visits in Dubai. Dubai Frame is a mix of both the Dubai worlds. The view from top is certainly something to be proud of. Dubai has made a marvelous progress in the past 25 years and this is for sure something one needs to see. Take your cameras out and head to Dubai Frame for a view you will never forget.  
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