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Crazy things you can do in Dubai

Dubai is very famous for its multicultural atmosphere with Arab roots and its places for people to visit and see. Dubai is also famous for its sports and extreme-thrill activities and this serves to be one of the main highlights in Dubai. We, at Dubai24-7, bring to you the list of Top things to do in Dubai, the list of places you will surely love! 1-Legoland Dubai- Dubai24-7 Legoland Dubai is located on the outskirts of the city. Legoland Dubai is termed as one of the biggest attractions in Dubai and has been one of the most visited places since it’s opening on October 31, 2016. It is a theme park built on the theme of lego(which is also one of the famous and well-known toy-items among teens and children). This theme park consists of rides and attractions for all ages. Family day is best spent with Legoland. 2- Dubai Water Canal- With fountains that form some of the best artistic structures and a view of Dubai which is breathtaking, Dubai water canal is a must add to our list of Top things to do in Dubai. Dubai water canal is located in Jumeirah and it really is a place worth visiting. 3- IMG Worlds of Adventures- Dubai24-7 IMG world of adventures is yet another theme park located on the outskirts of the country. This park is specially designed for adults who seek nothing but thrill! Get your sports shoes on and head to the IMG world of adventures because this place will leave you awestruck and we assure you, you will have the time of your life. 4- Box Park- Dubai24-   Box park is the most aesthetic place in Dubai where food meets scenic beauty. Food is served at it’s best here and you will find even small cafeterias where you can sip coffee alone or even with your friends. Box Park Dubai is also one of the best places to visit if it’s all about a first date! Box park is definitely one of the Top Things to do in Dubai. 5- Dubai Garden Glow- Lights are magical, keeping that mind Dubai has come up with one of the most magical places – the Dubai Garden Glow. Make your nights magical and beautiful with Dubai Garden Glow.  This glow in the dark theme park is made up of 10 million energy saving bulbs and yards are made up of luminous recycled fibre. Your Dubai checklist sure is in incomplete if you have not visited this place yet! 6-Dubai Frame- Dubai frame is one of the best innovations of Dubai, where past meets future. This means in the present you can see what Dubai was and what Dubai will be? Don’t believe us? see for yourself. Dubai Frame is located in Jafiliya and is one of the Top things in Dubai.
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