In a city known for its cosmopolitan print an matchless diversity, fulfilling expectations can be a challenging mission ? it is however what People by Crystal Dubai has achieved, by bringing together a passionate and dedicated panel of talents, committed to provide you with an incomparable clubbing experience set out to build the hottest nightlife experience in Dubai.

The two-time winner of the ?best nightclub in Dubai? award, nests at the top of the Raffles Hotel?s pyramid, with a panoramic unobstructed view over the extravagant metropolis, its glittering skyscrapers, desert, and sea. People by Crystal Dubai?s defying design has been created by talented experienced architects, making it to be the International cutting edge club it is.

The contrast between the glass structure and the hushed interior reinforces the coziness & warmth of the venue, allowing it to be a unique social platform, away from the rigidness and coldness bigger clubs can have. People by Crystal has a history of bringing exceptional headliners, and hosting some of the most fabulous events in the Middle East. It truly offers the beautiful people of Dubai the ultimate entertainment experience in a dazzling surrounding.

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